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♪[ music ] election day 2012. america is deciding who will spend the next four years in
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the white house. >> i'm looking forward to the results. and i expect we'll have a good night. >> we're going to get america back on track. i'm so optimistic. >> also voting on important local races and issues. >> there's a lot of important things. >> especially maryland. >> voters had to deal with long lines and a few glitches. but now, the results are pouring in by the minute from d.c. to maryland to virginia. our live team coverage starts right now. thanks for joining us on this election night, i'm brian bolter. >> i'm sean nancy. >> we're going to take the national vote. mitt romney has 50% of the vote, barack obama 48% of the vote. none of that really matters though, because as you well know, it all comes down to the electoral college and that
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magic number, 270, which we're going to talk about extensively. >> virginia is a key battleground state. you can see right now. with 73% of the precincts reporting, still a very close race. >> democrat congressman senator jim web is vacating. it's been like this all night. 73% of the presents reporting george allen slightly in the lead over tim kaine. we're watching those northern virginia counties being countedment we know a lot of those will probably end up in tim kaine's column. >> let's move over to maryland now, where ben cardin is easily winning reelection tonight. also tonight, you can see he won handily there, 58% of the vote to 25% of the vote. >> in the house house district
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6 race, roscoe barlet fighting for his seat. after it was redrawn, the check there to john delaney, the democrat now. it looks like the redrawing worked in the democrat's favor, as was planned. >> marylanders also voting on several ballot measures, including the gaming expansion. 52% in favor, 48% against. just a short time ago, we saw this reversed. clearly, this is still a close one. >> the other controversial issue on the ballot, same-sex marriage. we have 24% of the precincts reporting. both of these taking a good amount of time for us to get results in. >> and another hot issue in maryland, of course, maryland's version of the dream act. 24% of precincts reporting. clearly this seems to be for
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the people supporting this, a winner, 60%. 40% oppose that again still not the final numbers yet, but we're going to stay on top of this one. meantime, back to virginia now. republican george allen served as governor, a congressional representative, and senator. >> tonight, he's looking to be senator once again. live in richmond with the allen campaign and the governor, mcdonald himself. >> reporter: a close race. it is now what we've seen governor. 51% for george allen. 49% for tim kaine. you say you've just come from your war room. tell me about some of the late voting. >> it's been an exceptional turn out. people are taking this election seriously. turning out in record numbers. 75, 80% in some precincts. the rule is, if you're in line at 7:00, you get to vote. in places like fairfax, and virginia beach, there are still lines and people are going to
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vote. it may still be a little while before some of those come fully in. that's a lot of votes to come in. i expect this to go down to the wire and be close. >> no problem as the polling places? >> standing in line for an hour or two. i stood in line for an hour 45 myself. that's good. we had a couple power outages, machine malfunctions. but overall, people were orderly, and came out in big numbers, and that's good for our country. >> reporter: virginia's 13 electoral college voters. what's your sense of how this night is going to go? >> we came into this thinking, if it was a dead heat on election day, we would win, because the undecides would break for governor romney. the good ground game, that would be enough to carry us over the top. it's coming in as expected. a very narrow marriagen with a
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lot of big areas to come out. many of which are good for us. in prince williams, and virginia beach and chesapeake. i don't think it's going to be over until that last vote is in. we might go into a little overtime. but right now, it's about tied. >> reporter: you've got a busy night ahead of you, what goes on beyond tonight if it's too close to call? >> provisionals will be counted. some through friday. there's a seven day canvas that should be done faster. a lot of those math errors are found. if it's within 5, 10, 20,000 votes you could expect a little suspension. i'm hoping governor romney's message about debt and spending will carry the day. >> reporter: again, a very close race still here. george allen is on the 17th
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floor in a room with his family. the governor has been in the war room. it's going to be a late night guys, but we'll be here. >> bob, let me ask you quick, what is the mood there? are people excited, enthusiastic? >> reporter: i think when wisconsin went for governor romney, there was enthusiasm. when michigan went for barack obama not so. people are just kind of waiting. >> they are. the suspension. the people you see in this room are the ones that have literally, for 6 to 12 months been knocking on the doors, they believe deeply in mitt romney. they believe it's important to get a job creator and a budget balancer in the white house. they're optimistic, and believe in the canldz date. >> reporter: that's the situation here guys. people are waiting, they know it's going to be a close one. they have called this the victory party tonight. it's not that yet.
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there are cash bars, people are drinking, watching the results. seeing how the states go for the presidential race, and knowing that the race for the senate seat, which might change the control of the u.s. senate from democratic to republican control is in the balance, perhaps how virginia goes, the senate goes. >> i think we all well know this is going to be a long night out there. >> it's interesting to see how the governor says the race is coming down, the way he thought it was going to come down. so his prediction of course is that the independents are going to break towards governor romney. but according to governor bob mcdonele, the race coming down the way the republican party expected. >> we'll see how those votes start to trickle in. let's get to fox 5 with the richmond campaign. >> reporter: i have tomorrow breaking news for you, the leader board that you quoted four minutes ago, has just changed.
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the lead that you reported was a slight lead by george allen. now it is a very slight lead by the democrat, tim kaine in the senatorial race. >> we have been waiting for northern virginia to get counted. i was always confident, once northern virginia was reported, we would be in good shape. we're up over 75% reported, northern virginia is coming in. and we're looking good. >> reporter: yeah, a 1500 lead. you're nowhere close to declaring victory. >> no, this is the pattern we expected though. according to the models, we're going to be coming out on top. we've had a tremendous ground game. i'm just so proud of our fellow virgins who turned out today. they understand how important virginia is to the presidential race, as well as the senate
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race. they've turned out, and made their voices heard at the ballot box. >> reporter: it does not appear that the president is carrying virginia. let me stress again, it's too close to call. >> i think you're going to see the president's numbers go up, just like tim kaine's go up. >> reporter: this is very, very, breaking news, an extremely slight lead. 1500 votes for tim kaine over george allen out of more than 2.5 million votes counted so far. stay tuned, this race is far from over. >> we'll stay tuned indeed. thank you for the update tonight. let's bring in tom fitzgerald. breaking down what we've seen so far in the presidential race. >> you heard it just there from brian moran. this drum beat of the big four. you know there is a remarkable moment when bob was talking to
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the governor. we both leaned forward in our seats what did he say? what he said was prince williams, fairfax, virginia beach, there are still people voting right now. who does that help? tim kaine? barack obama? mitt romney? george allen? >> i thought it was amazing that the governor, the republican governor would even talk about outstanding votes who haven't come in from really very democratic jurisdictions. prince women went 58% for obama. if i were the republican governor, i wouldn't be crowing that they're still out. also, fairfax went 60%. fairfax county went 60% for obama. he mentioned that. he did mention one, which is the largest city in virginia. virginia beach, which is a republican province. but brian moran, the chairman of the democratic party's
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enthusiasm and optimism is justified. >> let's boil this down for a minute. mitt romney has gotten up to a point where there's not a lot of room to grow based upon what is still left to count. >> i don't know how much is left in virginia beach. i stress that virginia beach is the largest city. so we don't know how much of the vote of virginia beach is out. but in terms of fairfax, and in terms of prince william those are democratic votes. they help the president, and they definitely help senator, if he wants to be, senator kane. >> let's look at some of these numbers. numbers coming in. we're going to start i believe with arlington. fairfax county, correct me. back to arlington. president obama 66% right now in arlington county. mitt romney, 33%. we were looking at 75% of the precincts reporting, that's not a surprise. let's go to fairfax.
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the president again with a sizable lead in fairfax county. 51% to mitt romney's 49%. 29% reporting. >> he was at 60, underreporting, but only 29% is reporting in. >> let's move to the more critical areas. this i'm guessing is bell weather. the president, only 51 to 48 right now. we're looking at 66% reporting. >> last time he got 54. so he's underperforming. >> he needs to do better in loudon county. >> he needs to do what he did last time, which is three points better. from we have another board we can go to? prince william county. 49% to 49%. they're saying here this is 39%. we have reason to believe that vote count is higher at this point, but yet still tied. if you're looking at a situation where loudon county, and prince william county, mitt
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romney is running neck and neck, or just slightly ahead, that doesn't seem like great news for the president. >> no. the president wants to match his totals four years ago. his totals were 58, and in loudon 54. he is running closer to that. in terms of arlington, and alexandria, he's running in fairfax, he's running what he did before. it's going to be very tight. i will say this. kane is going to outperform the president. kane is going to get more votes than the president. >> if there is any coattails in this race tonight, sean and brian, it's going to be from tim kaine to the president on the democratic side, and vice versa if you're the president. i want to get back to the marriage results. same-sex marriage results. that ballot initiative on the maryland ballot. we have some numbers now for you, which we didn't have at the top of the newscast.
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27% of the precincts reporting. listen, there's going to be about 950,000 votes total for these measures. and at this point, they're running separated by, between 10 to 20,000. both this and the gambling. so these both are going to be very close. we're going to have to watch very closely throughout the rest of the night. >> keep it right here. fox 5 coverage is just getting started. we'll be right back.  you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. ♪[ music ] welcome back everyone. we're going to start with the big three states we're all watching very closely tonight in the presidential election. first and foremost, ohio with 42% of the precincts reporting. barack obama 51%, mitt romney at 48% of the vote. >> now to florida, which is another huge state. 29 electoral votes up for grabs here. 89% of the precincts reporting. barack obama leading 51% to
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mitt romney, 49%. virginia tilting mitt romney's way. >> we're also keeping an eye on key races in the house and senate tonight. >> reporter: after a record amount of money spent on house and senate races, and some pretty big controversies, it all comes town to tonight. i'm joined by the managing editor of the hill. the headline right now, it's projected, republicans will retain control of the house. >> that's right. >> reporter: what's your reaction to this? it's not unexpected. >> it's not. it was an uphill projection for the democrats. they needed 25 seats, that was just too much of a climb for them. >> reporter: 38 democrats so far, 71 republicans have taken seats in the house. >> democrats were banking that
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medicare was going to be a big issue. democrats said the republicans were going to betray the tea party extreme. the strategy just did not bear fruit. >> reporter: the democrats hold a in a majority in the senate. four democratic senators have won reelection tonight, including ben cardin. bob corker was reelected in tennessee. republicans need to gain four more seats to reach a majority in the senate, how likely is that? >> at this point, it's not looking likely at all. every competitive race so far that has been called has been called for the democrats, scott brown losing in massachusetts, very important. and republicans losing in indiana, and also have lost in missouri now. right now, house democrats aren't having a good night. senate democrats having a great night. >> reporter: let's break them down one by one. let's start with virginia. obviously, in our backyard.
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former virginia governor, tim kaine, vs. george allen. the two men have been deadlocked in the polls for over a year and a half. allen has been climbing back in the polls recently. is this a must win state for republicans to have a shot for majority in the senate? >> i think based upon the race so far, allen has to win. i think it's a must win at this time of night. >> reporter: taking a look at the massachusetts race. fox news calling this race for elizabeth warren. this is a huge win for her, bob. beating incumbent scott brown. how did this happen? >> it is a blue state. elizabeth warren raised a lot of money, went toe to toe with him in the debates and won
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this race. >> reporter: facing off with todd akin, fox news calling mccaskill as you saw on twitter. up until august it looked like she was going to be ousted. >> a huge problem for republicans to not win this seat. akin made controversial remarks on rape, that hurt him. now mccaskill is going back for a second term. >> reporter: back up to you guys. let's go to maryland now. >> the most controversial, expanded gambling, gay marriage, and the dream act. a look at the current tally. will? >> reporter: sean and brian, good evening on election night, after months of being bombarded by slick advertising, all of those endorsements, we're getting a better idea of what you voters have decided.
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at stake is whether maryland will be able to allow table games, such as blackjack, and roulette, and whether a casino can be built in prince george's county. 53% saying yes, we want the expansion. 29% reporting. now to question number 6, same- sex marriage. if voters approve question 6, maryland would join six states and the district of columbia in recognizing same same-sex marriage. there you have it. 52% for it. with 31% of precincts reporting. now to maryland, question number 4, illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition. you've heard this called the dream act, that would make some undocumented students eligible for in state tuition. going to question 5. congressional districting plan,
10:24 pm
establishes boundaries for maryland. right now, 64% want redistricting. that's 33% of presents reporting. question number 3, suspension and removal of elected officials. if a conviction is overturned, the official is reinstated for the remainder of the elected term. if this is approved, the official would be removed from office or suspended immediately. right now, a whopping 88% are for this with 31% reporting. over to the district now, there are three key questions. i know we've been talking about these council cases. we begin with amendment number 5. councilmember expulsion. it would require 11 of the 14 members to vote yes.
10:25 pm
right now, they have very little authority to reprimand one of their own. the board saying 86% say yes. 17% of the precincts reporting. question number 6 would make anyone convicted of a felony in office ineligible to stay in office or to ever hold that office again. right now, question number 6, 79% say yes. question number 7, same deal if the person is a mayor. they would be ineligible to stay in office and to ever hold that office again. as we continue through the broadcast tonight, i will share some of your tweets some of your facebook comments. we're always on even if you have to move away from your tv. we're on streaming all of your coverage live, and results are coming in instantly. back to you in the studio. >> before we had to break. we want to take another look at some of the results coming in.
10:26 pm
first ohio, 51% of the precincts reporting. president obama right now has a lead. 51% to 48%. >> to florida we go. it looks like it's going to be the panhandle vs. broward and dade counties. slowly tilting in barack obama's favor. >> virginia, mitt romney in the lead, 51% to barack obama 48%. just 79% of the precincts reporting. we heard a short time ago from virginia governor bob mcdonele who says people are still voting right now. we're going to keep watching this closely and have more results when we come back. 
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let get to some of the numbers on the d.c. council races. we're going to start off with
10:30 pm
phil mendelson. taking on calvin gurley. he's handily in the lead there. >> let move on to the at large race in d.c. of course, orange the incumbent there is right now in the lead over david grasso, who has been giving him a tough fight. orange in the lead by 35% over his competitor. >> we want to go to d.c. council ward 7 i believe, which actually, there is ward 7. yvette alexander with 88% of the vote over ron moten. >> and back to ward 8, marian berry with a commanding lead. marian berry again in the lead in ward 8. let's talk a little more about these district races. all right, let's first go to
10:31 pm
matt covering the district politics for us for a while now. what are you seeing with these results coming in right now? >> reporter: i'm with brian, chairman phil mendleson. 73% of the vote, i should ask you, first at this point, how are you feeling about tonight? >> i'm glad the election is finally over and i'm glad the votes are coming in, and i appreciate very much the voters who supported me for election to chairman of the council. >> a lot of folks have a bad taste in their mouth these days when it comes to the d.c. council. harry thomas is in jail. folks a looking to you to change the direction. >> the council will definitely improng, regain the trust that we've lost. dug ourselves a hole over the last couple of years. over the next cup am of years, we will regain the trust. >> what are some of the other things you would like to see
10:32 pm
d.c. accomplish move towards? >> there's still a lot of concerns that voters have. concerned about the quality of education. that's especially important to me. those are issues that we need to tackle. affordability. continuing to improve city services. >> reporter: i know that results are not out yet. there's still councilmembers where we're not sure who will be on the council. can you work with just about anybody no matter who wins tonight? >> you know, government is about finding solutions. and where there are disagreements to make the compromises that are necessary. compromise is not a dirty word, trying to get everybody to work together. that's exactly what government is about. that's always been my style. i'm confident we will do that as well. >> reporter: we'll let you get
10:33 pm
back to your victory party. brian and sean, we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you matt. >> let's take a closer look at those races in d.c. >> mark joins us. we are seeing from some of the early returns that all three of those charter amends will pass in d.c. does any of that surprise you? >> no, it really doesn't. what the voters collectively decided both african american, and white and latino was that in some way they want to send a message to the d.c. counsel they're embarrassed by these ethical transgressions, criminal indictments and they want to punish councilmembers and they want this to be an admonition. if you do it, and you're convicted of a felony, you can't run for office ever again. >> what are your thoughts on the council at large race? >> reporter: that's a very interesting race. you vote for 2, you don't vote for 1. orange is a given,
10:34 pm
because he's running with the democratic label. the race for the second slot is between the incumbent, michael brown, and david grasso who worked for various councilmembers and congresswoman norton: michael brown is his own transgressions that have been written up, and there's still grasso is about 6 points ahead. we can't call that election yet, but that once again is sort of the voters, whatever their race, saying we don't want councilmembers that can embarrass us. if brown should lose, the son of ron brown, the former dnc chairman, the former secretary of congress, that would be a very strong signal that they want a regime change in the council.
10:35 pm
>> all right, mark plotkin. an interesting race so far in d.c. >> indeed. we still have a long way to go all over the country tonight. keep it right here for our 2012 you decide coverage right after this short break.
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welcome back to our extended coverage of you decide 2012. we're going to hit the battleground states hard. still too close to call, you're going to hear that a lot tonight in these battleground starts starting with ohio. tilting obama's way right now. 50% to romney's 48%. >> and to florida we go, which is also still too chose to call at this -- too close to call at this point. president obama leading 58% to mitt romney's 49%. >> virginia tilting mitt romney's way. 50% to barack obama's 49%. 85% of the precincts reporting there. >> to help us break this down
10:39 pm
right now, a political professor from george mason university joins us. you were here with us last election day. welcome back again. we want to talk first about a trend you've been noticing is changing since the last election cycle. >> right. well, if the voter turn out and results and the 100 most educated counties in the country. these are counties like arlington, and fairfax, and virginia. what we've seen over the course of the last generation also is a tremendous shift. those used to be tried and true moderate republican counties. and the last republican to win a majority of those counties was george h.w. bush in 1992. since then, those counties have been consistently trending towards the democrats. barack obama won 78 of those 100 counties in 2008. when this election is over, one of the first things i'm going to look for is to see whether
10:40 pm
or not he was able to build on that in this election. if he was, that would explain how he's doing in ohio, virginia, and florida. i think that's one of the numbers you want to look to in the sort of postmortem of this election. >> it seems like the romney campaign felt fairly confident with florida. we see how close it is in florida. part of it, the democratic efforts to get out the vote efforts down there really taking hold. >> reporter: the obama campaign and the democratic party generally has made expanding their sort of universe of voters a major priority since the last election. they've been really hitting hard the college campuses around the country. particularly in places like florida, virginia, and north carolina for example. and i think that if it turns out that he wins florida, or keeps it as close as he does, you will find that the turn out for those voters will come very close to the turn out in 2008.
10:41 pm
if that happens, then i think you're pretty much looking at an obama victory. >> let's keep it in florida for a moment. john mccain won when it came to early voting. he had a higher percentage of early voters turn out for him. this time around, the polls showing there was a higher turn out for barack obama supporters in early voting. is there another indication of why you think? >> that's all organization and ground game. there are a number of democratic activists, particularly african american, and latino activists who are concerned about voter suppression. one way to get around that is to get your voters to the polls earlier. early voting is more difficult to maintain a challenged effort throughout the 10 days over two weeks that you see in early voting. which is also one of the reasons why you've had a number of republicans across the country trying to compress or do away with the early voting altogether. >> quickly, we only have about
10:42 pm
30 seconds, we've been remarking we've watched this for years and years in the last election after election. what is the deal with virginia? how can you go so republican with the state's attorney, you know, and then so democrat with some of the representatives they've had, as governor and senators. is that sort of where the country is? and are the independents in that state? the ones that are making the difference? why does it swing so wildly? >> the first is virginia is actually two states. there's northern virginia and every place else. that sort of civil war in the state has not worked itself out yet. second, going forward, 2016, and beyond. virginia and north carolina will be in the 21st century what ohio has been in the 20th century. i think when you look at the democratic changes in the commonwealth, it looks more like america than most other states. >> thank you for the explanation. we know you're going to be sticking around keep it right
10:43 pm
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let's do the battleground state wrap up, if you will. starting with ohio. barack obama with a slight lead there. to florida with go. it looks like it's going be the battle of the panhandle vs. broward and dade county. right now, tilting slightly towards barack obama. look at the difference though. out of all of those millions of votes, they're separated by 15,000 in florida. to virginia, 87% of the precincts reporting, mitt romney, a slight edge there. again, separated by just about 40,000 votes or so. of course the presidential
10:47 pm
race still too close to call. it may all come down to virginia. gentlemen, we usually have you in separate rooms, so to do i want you to play nice as well. no fighting tonight. brendan, i'm going to start with you. in the last election, the president was able to turn virginia blue. right now this is still too close to call. >> he's winning a lot of states in these battleground states that he won by 9, 10 points, now winning them by four or five points. it's choser in almost every state. i think that even if he doesn't win virginia, it looks like he might win florida, or ohio, or both. >> i can give you a quick answer on virginia. george allen has dragged the ticket down. everybody expected allen to really beat kaine. but allen, he was supposed to prop the ticket up, he has dragged it down. >> i'm surprised to hear that from you. >> well because romney has actually done very well in
10:48 pm
virginia. with romney still 40,000 votes ahead, that suggests that virginia, if anything is trending red, and trending republican, because romney is doing very well there. >> let me ask you this question. >> it's razor thin right now. it's too close to call. >> we keep hearing that term this whole election cycle. razor thin. razor thin, razor thin. we were talking about the state of florida. a lot of people thought it would be romney hands down. jack, why hasn't it gone that way? >> i don't know. ben and i were talking. looks like obama had a good ground game. just romney may have not, i think what happened is romney put too much money into a gamble in pennsylvania and michigan. he diverted time into pennsylvania and michigan and got away from the base. it's not over yet. with 10%, florida is just a few thousand votes, still 10%, probably from what i'm hearing from the romney campaign tonight, they pretty much know the dade county votes are in early.
10:49 pm
let's talk about ohio for just one second. ohio may have as many as 1 million provisional ballots that around counted. if romney were to rally and win florida, or the automatic recount provision could be triggered in florida. florida may necessarily legally go into a recount. you can't call ohio tonight, there's just too many provisional ballots. >> right now, george allen, we understand is approximate to speak right now from richmond, virginia. let's listen in to what he has to say. >> their unshakeable belief in the promise of the american dream. tonight, after a very hard fought contest. we were reminded how closely divided we are here in virginia, politically. i'm glad though, that i got off the sidelines. a lot of folks, you don't like the results of this race. no question about it. but i'm very glad that we did get off the sidelines, and get into the fight, to get into the arena to advocate the ideas, and the solutions and the
10:50 pm
principles that we believe are so important for the our country. there are many people that we have heard from all over virginia. we've learned from them. we've heard their voices. and it's important for people to advocate for the values and the families of small business people throughout the commonwealth of virginia who haven't been listened to up in washington. there are many people i want to thank, but first, i want to say a word about tim kaine. both tim and i have the highest honor that anybody could be accorded from the people of virginia to serve as governor of the commonwealth of virginia. i also had the opportunity to serve virginiaens in the united states senate. now tim will have the opportunity. i called tim and congratulated him. we mentioned how we do have different views. different ideas. we tried to wage a campaign on ideas and issues, and reforms that we feel would be best for
10:51 pm
virginia and america. we still remain friends personally, and that's important for people to understand. i congratulated him, and pledged my cooperation as he undertakes the solid task of representing the people of virginia during very difficult times in our nation's history. we haven't succeeded my friends in winning this election. i see so many of you all out here. brice your lucky tie, and many of you folks have helped us out in this campaign. i think each and every one of you all should hold your heads high, we honestly, and vigorously advocated our principles and advocated a clear vision for the future. we sought to re invigorated entrepreneurial spirit of our country. empowering education. reasonable regulations and productive energy policy.
10:52 pm
we offered in our blueprint for america's comeback, a pro job growth. pro freedom path to fiscal responsibility for our nation, and the federal government that lives within its means. we fought for making sure that our american armed services are strong, because the best way to preserve the peace is through strength. we also called for unleashing america's plentiful american energy resources for more jobs, more opportunity, greater national security and also revenues to the government. that's everywhere from our coal fields to the coast of virginia. virginians are ready and able with the energy to power our economy. most important of all, we spoke to, and called upon america to renew our historic commitment to individual freedom. personal responsibility, and opportunity for every american to succeed. what i remember hearing from so
10:53 pm
many virgins in so many ways is one of a small businessman in bedford county. he said i wanted government to get off my back, and out of my pockets. [ cheering ] >> i think it would be nice if we had a government that was on the side of entrepreneurs and small business owners. and those ideals did not prevail in this senate contest here in virginia. but if america is going to have a comeback that we all hope for, we must prevail as a nation as a whole with these ideas. it may not be tomorrow, or next week, or even next year, but these ideas, these principles must prevail, because they are rooted in the historic fundamental principals of our commonwealth of virginia and the united states of america. i pledge my best efforts as a
10:54 pm
private citizen to promote these positive ideas, as i keep advocating for all of these principles and ideals that we all believe in. folks, it has been a long and difficult campaign. it's also been a joyful one. for susan, and for me, and i also think for our children, as tough as it is. i thank you all for standing strong. >> you've been listening to former virginia senator george allen giving a concession speech there to tim kaine. also former governor. let's head over to john hannahan live with the kaine campaign. the kaine camp also in richmond, virginia. what is the mood like there? >> reporter: it's very strange here. there is no cheering. no eruption. because the room is tuned to a network that wasn't carrying george allen live. i'm going to step out of the scene and let you see the audience.
10:55 pm
i think many of the people here at kaine headquarters do not know george allen has conceded the race. some of them do know. those checking their iphones and other smart phones are getting it via twitter and news feeds from various agencies and blogs. there has been no eruption here because the network they happen to be watching, not ours, did not carry the george allen speech, and the anchors have not mentioned it. it's kind of peculiar. it's the calm before the storm. there's no huge yelling and shouting here. although tim kaine, the winner. this is his crowd. we expect to hear from him sometime in the next half hour, our hour. >> john, can you hear me? >> reporter: yes. >> we're wondering can you tell the crowd what happened? >> reporter: let's see if anybody knows. >> all right, sure. as you know, this is live tv folks. >> reporter: ladies, excuse me are you aware who's won the
10:56 pm
race between allen and kaine? one network just called it. this fellow said. you know, they're a little far away, so i can't really get to them easily. i'm about 8 feet off the ground, and they're a little far away. one guy says he thinks the race was called. you're seeing kaine headquarters. a lot of these people don't know. it's very interesting. >> it is very interesting. they're very subdued there. but we appreciate you trying to give them the information. john, as soon as tim kaine goes in the room, give us a nod, and we will come back to you, so we can hear what he has to say. >> reporter: all right. >> let me just say, you kind of called this just a second ago. saying george allen was bringing down this ticket. if so, it goes this way. tim kaine wins, should it also go that way in terms the presidency? >> well, we hope so. in the three battleground states of ohio, florida, and
10:57 pm
virginia. the democrat has won each of those senate races. we'll see if that corresponds. all he has to do is win one of those three, and he will be president. >> it has all the makings of a big democratic night. florida may end up in a recount. ohio with the provisional ballots, and romney doing well in wisconsin, doing well in colorado. that might be enough if romney can win both florida and ohio, i think he can win the race, if he loses either one, i don't think there's a chance. >> i think that's right. those three were always the key states. >> the auto bailout, frankly, may have been the best money obama ever spent. i don't like the policy, brendan does, but it may be the difference in this election. >> it's good policy. >> i don't think i've ever heard you guys agree on two things back-to-back. >> george allen, you know
10:58 pm
there's some guys some candidates who had been governors and lawyers and come back. tommy thompson, wisconsin, bob allen, in each case, the voters rejected them. >> brian, back over to you. >> a lot of people aren't watching these election results alone. many are hanging out at the local bars or watering holes in their own neighborhood. public bar d.c. scott, what's the word there. >> reporter: a good crowd here at public here. nobody is watching the game. they're all watching election night coverage, and i cover sports for a living. i'm reminded on nights like tonight that sports and politics around that much different. trying to figure out the one big question, who's going to win? representing president obama,
10:59 pm
and said going to be representing. >> governor romney. >> reporter: come january, who has a better chance of having their job? >> barack obama. >> reporter: if rob griffin would you vote for him? >> yes. >> as president, i would vote for barack obama. >> reporter: over robert griffin iii. has anybody told you you look like mitt romney? >> i would love to be that first guy to have a beer with mitt. >> reporter: early polling that mitt is kind of leading this thing. >> yes, it looks like it, but we're feeling a strong surge here in the latter part of the game. >> reporter: if you hit the red part does that mean you stole a red state? >> absolutely. and down here, dumb luck, and the chance that people voted wrong here. >> reporter: i don't think as a

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